My Liquid Metal

Metal paint for the creation of a unique design of decorative interior items

My Liquid Metal for an exclusive metallic look

My Liquid Metal from HQcoating is an innovative metallic paint technique to give interiors, furniture and walls an authentic metallic look. We work with cold liquid metal – metal stucco – which we can spray, splash, roll or pour onto almost any surface in our paint shop. Matt, glossy, rusty or textured. Both on metal and wood.

Advantages of My Liquid Metal

  • Architecture with style
  • High-quality metal finish for any surface
  • Strong durable lightweight metal top layer with a luxurious appearance
  • Robust and authentic, smartly polished and shiny, or with striking texture
  • For walls, floors, furniture, building elements, kitchens, countertops, works of art

Inspiration & effects of My Liquid Metal

After applying metal coating My Liquid Metal, your interior item will have all the physical and optical properties of the metal in question. Mimic your favourite metal and combine endlessly. Copper, zinc, gold, bronze, stainless steel… you name it. Discuss the possibilities with Steven Houben of HQcoating.

Durable metallic paint

My Liquid Metal is not only WOW, it is also durable. The metallic paint adheres very well to almost any surface and does not break or flake. This gives your project the look and feel of real metal, while using significantly less metal raw materials. Add to this the quality service in our paint shop, and you have found a durable partner for metallic paint for your wooden furniture pieces and more.


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