Colouring & varnishing

Staining, colouring, varnishing of different kinds of wood

The countless possibilities of staining, colouring & varnishing

Your wood gets an upgrade in terms of looks through the process of staining, colouring or varnishing. We know all about it at HQcoating. Staining is the application of a transparent or covering coat to give fibres in the wood an attractive appearance. Stain can be applied in different ways: using a brush, spray gun, sponge or cloth. Varnish is applied over a paint or natural material to reduce the influence of light, moisture or moulds.

Benefits of staining, colouring & varnishing

  • Unlike lacquer and varnish, stain partially penetrates the wood, leaving the fibres and grain of the wood uncovered.
  • All types of wood can be stained, provided (your own) proper preparation to make the wood smooth, dust- and grease-free
  • Stains in 2 colours are interesting for creating the looks of various types of wood
  • Varnishes are available in many forms from glossy to a matt
  • Our 2-component varnish flows beautifully, is more flexible and dries much faster

Expert in colouring & varnishing

Staining, colouring or varnishing… every detail counts in applications of these essential techniques in the finishing and maintenance of furniture and applications. HQcoating is your expert in staining, painting and varnishing. We just love it, and we do it well.


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