High gloss

A modern, professional and hygienic appearance with high gloss

High gloss as a modern & stylish finish

High gloss kitchens give your project a modern, professional and hygienic look. An elegant luxurious touch too. At HQCoating, high gloss furnishings are finished with a high-quality polyester lacquer. High gloss is a classy must-have. We also continue to invest to meet the highest quality standards for your high-gloss projects, today and tomorrow.

Advantages of high gloss

  • Smart result, pure class for an interior
  • Very strong finish, not comparable with ordinary lacquers
  • Time- and labour-intensive process, longer delivery time than wet coating, but sublime result

High-gloss finishing, our trade

High gloss as a finishing technique in the furniture industry is specialist work. It requires skill and precision in application to achieve a flawless result. And let that be one of our strengths: top quality in high gloss. Although it requires some care in both application and maintenance, the result is often a striking piece of furniture that makes a statement in any room.


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