Wet Paint Shop

Scratch-resistant, thick and sustainably sprayed paint

From preparation to finished product in our wet paint shop

HQcoating’s wet paint shop specialises in treating wood with a 2-component varnish (polyurethane). We have 2 large spray booths with overpressure and a drying booth where the coated materials can be enamelled to 80 degrees. Wet coating at HQcoating offers several advantages over existing (hand-painted) water-based paints. Wet painting is synonymous with scratch resistance, fullness and durability of the sprayed paint. Any colour is possible, in matt or gloss paint.

Advantages of wet painting

  • Scratch-resistant, full and durable sprayed paint
  • Any colour is possible, in matt or gloss paint
  • Existing furniture can also get a new coat of paint and, therefore, a new look
  • Your entire process, from preparation to final product, is in good hands

Specialist in wet painting

Aesthetic or protective, wet painting is always expert work. In our paint shop, we make it happen. It is important to consider environmental requirements – such as ventilation and drying time – to ensure the quality and durability of the finish. HQcoating is your specialist in wet painting. Experience it for yourself, for any application.

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